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What about the brand quality of newger planetary reducer?

2019-09-23 10:24:46

       NEWGEAR, based in Hamburg, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of precision planetary gear reducer brands. The ISO9001 quality management system certification manufacturing plant, the production and manufacturing use the latest precision machine tools, quality testing and inspection equipment. The high demand for quality and precision enables us to mass produce 1 arc minute (1/60 degree) high precision planetary gear reducer of high quality with a high degree of consistency and reliability.


       Despite its relatively short history, starting in 2014, the company is growing strongly. Its head office in the field of transmission has 22 years of production and processing experience. At present, the company has offices all over China to guarantee the supply and delivery of products nationwide. We provide technical consultation according to your application industry.

        What is the mass of the newger planetary reducer?

        Our factory is located in dongguan, guangdong province, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. Production of planetary reducer machine tools are mostly imported, most of the parts imported from Japan, so the accuracy is higher, the price will be relatively clear. High precision bevel gear series high precision, the price is also on the high side, to meet the equipment requirements of the industry. The standard straight gear series is relatively cheap, suitable for the general equipment requirements of the industry. Nugle straight teeth oblique teeth have a full range of models, quality assurance.


        Nuegel planetary reducer manufacturers have more than six breakthrough patents. Servo with gear provides a number of advantages, on the application of servo control, played a good effect of servo stiffness, accurate precision positioning control, on the operation platform with the low back lash, high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth operation, low noise characteristics, in addition, on the appearance design is the pursuit of light, small volume, compact and lightweight development condition, it can let the servo motor in a higher, more efficient under the situation of operation, and reduce the feedback load moment of inertia, and increase the output torque.

        The newger reducer has a wide range of products that can be installed on almost all servo motors and can be interchanged with most reducers from other manufacturers. Through continuous research and development and mass production, nugur is always customer-oriented and maintains win-win cooperation.


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