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2019-09-23 10:33:50

Golden September, crisp autumn, in this harvest season, a beautiful day, we have a happy mood to solemnly hold gear college training conference for the third quarter.


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Address: m8-03 conference room of Shanghai national convention and exhibition center, participants arrive at the conference hall one after another.

05-xq2.jpgGuest and keynote speaker


The scene is empty

05-xq4.jpgThe staff shows you where to sit

Cao total speech

At the beginning of the meeting, cao xiaolin, founder of hefa group, made a speech. Cao said, "the precision of gears is not the higher, the better. To use a high-precision gear on an occasion where it is not necessary to use high-precision gear is actually a waste of resources, which also adds intangible costs for customers."


Cao said, "the purpose of setting up iHF gear college is to help professional engineers improve their professional level, give back to the transmission industry and promote the development of the industry."


The guest to speak

This training is very honored to invite the ministry of education cheungkong scholars distinguished professor, The State Council special allowance expert Dr. Shi shanxiang, doctoral supervisor. Professor shi made a speech before the meeting, pointing out that the gear industry has great prospects, opportunities and challenges coexist.


Project began

Speaker yu hansheng, senior engineer, has 16 years of experience in packaging equipment non-standard design. Leading the research and development of more than 40 patented equipment sold well in the world, nestle, procter & gamble, amway, perfect and other well-known enterprises to provide quality services.


Course outline

1. Reasonable allocation of system accuracy level

Starting from the end: set indicators → analyze factors → classify grades → design principles; focus on the analysis of four principles in order to achieve the output accuracy of the equipment. Among them, the economic principle is the core of the problem. 


2. Brief discussion on innovation principle of transmission chain

A quarter of the principles of innovation and invention are listed, and the contradictions between different parameters are summarized.


3. Failure analysis of transmission chain

Two cases of small bag finishing and conveying and vertical continuous packing machine were analyzed to analyze the reasons of failure of transmission chain, and the design process of transmission system was summarized.


To summarize

The design factors that affect the performance of the transmission system lie in the reasonable tolerance of the transmission pair and transmission chain of the gear. Because gear transmission component is a systematic existence, and the final accuracy is not only affected by the tolerance of one gear, but the cumulative error of the whole transmission component. Whether it is a primary drive or a multi-stage drive, the precision of the drive can be distributed, this precision is high, that precision can be lowered, there is no need to tangle on the precision of a certain part.

A happy ending


The successful conclusion of this training, thank you for your attention!


Professional DE dry goods

The courseware of yu's lecture has been uploaded. Those who could not attend the lecture can copy the link and download it.


Tolerance analysis of whole machine drive dimension chain


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