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How to control the tolerance of transmission chain in mechanical design

2019-09-23 10:50:08

       -- the fourth training of iHF gear institute, tolerance analysis of whole machine drive dimension chain, was successfully completed

        On September 18, 9:30-12:00 am, iHF gear college training conference for the third quarter of 2019 was held in m8-03 conference room of Shanghai national convention and exhibition center.

06-xq1.jpg        At the beginning of the meeting, cao xiaolin, founder of hefa group, made a speech. Cao always said that the precision of gear is not the higher, the better. It is actually a waste of resources to use high-precision gear when there is no need to apply high-precision.


        Dr. Shi shizhong, vice President and executive deputy secretary general of CGMA was invited to attend the training. Dr. Shi pointed out that the sustainable development of the gear industry cannot be achieved without technological innovation.

        Yu hongsheng, senior senior engineer, is the general manager of hanlan (changzhou) intelligent technology co., LTD. 16 years of non-standard packaging equipment design experience. Leading the research and development of more than 40 patented equipment sold well in the world, nestle, procter & gamble, amway, perfect and other well-known enterprises to provide quality services.


        This lecture contains three parts of the transmission chain:

        First, the accuracy level of the system is reasonably distributed. Starting from the end: set indicators → analyze factors → classify grades → design principles; focus on the analysis of four principles in order to achieve the output accuracy of the equipment. Among them, the economic principle is the core of the problem. .

        Second, the transmission chain innovation principle. The failure analysis of transmission chain design lists 1/4 innovative invention principle, summarizes the contradiction between different parameters, and shares the examples of transmission system analysis with TRIZ.

        Thirdly, failure analysis of transmission chain design. Two cases of small bag finishing and conveying and vertical continuous packing machine were analyzed to analyze the reasons of failure of transmission chain, and the design process of transmission system was summarized.

        Through principle explanation and case analysis, general manager explained "how to reasonably control the tolerance of transmission chain" in a simple way, which was highly recognized by the audience. Live video and lecture PPT, please pay attention to "iHF gear school" public number to obtain, more dry goods knowledge waiting for you to unlock.


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