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New PX series of nugur planetary reducer is on the market!

2019-09-20 18:16:09

Nugel's new PX series has been launched. Many friends asked: "they are all high-precision bevel gear reducers. What's the difference between PX and PD?"

First, let's take a look at the "make-up without make-up".


Black gold gang PX series · new product


Sapphire PD/PDR series

Let's take a look at the details.

The following information comes from nugle r & d engineering department.


Made by fine craftsman, German brand

New product on the road

The appearance of the fuselage is the same as the square reducer, the upper cover plate and the inner gear ring are one, and the lower cover plate and the connecting plate are square helical gear reducer.

The difference in appearance is a ring slot in the PX tailstock.

The internal structure difference is mainly in the solar wheel group and the planetary frame.


PX series planetary support and coupling

The coupling is connected with the sun wheel by interference riveting pressure.

The planetary bracket is connected with the solar wheel by interference riveting pressure.


PD series integrated planetary support and gear shaft

Upper PX solar wheel do split, increase flexibility, optional match number.

The lower PD sun wheel is integrated to withstand stronger torque.


The left PX frame integrates the components.

The result of the result is the difference in torque.



PX/PXR series planetary speed reducer, which we call "black gold steel", is a differentiation of PD/PDR series to make up for the lack of "low cost, high precision" planetary speed reducer in the industry.

Black gold just retained the high precision of oblique gear transmission, and in the structural adjustment up and down full effort, to save costs. Practical, cost-effective, help equipment manufacturing enterprises to save more than 20% of procurement costs;

As for the highly integrated PD/PDR series, we call it the "sapphire series", high-end, ultra-precision selection.

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